Friday, June 24, 2011

Trance Movie

Trance MovieDanny Boyle (who brought us 127 Hours and Slumdog Millionaire) is set to direct Trance based on a script he wrote. It's a thriller movie about an art heist gone wrong. There's no official release date yet, but the film is listed for a release in 2013 by IMDb.

"An assistant at an auction house masterminds a heist and teams up with a gang of thieves, but suffers a blow to the head and wakes up with amnesia. He is the only one who knows where the painting's location is and after his continued failure to remember, the gang begins to suspect duplicity on his part and hire a female hypnotist to get into his brain."

From what I heard Actor James McAvoy is likely to play the role of Simon, the gang leader who partners with the assistant. The rest of the cast hasn't been announced yet.

Danny Boyle is a damn talented filmmaker. I'm impatient to see how the movie Trance is going to turn out!

Anyway, more details about the movie trance soon!